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Super Sim Pack
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold, Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Various
International 3D Tennis
International 3D Tennis is a revolutionary new tennis simulation. The innovative use of vector graphics has created a game with unrivalled playability and an unparalled number of features.
Crazy Cars 2
Your Ferrari is equiped with the latest radar which will enable you to detect police road blocks which may have been set up to catch you, therefore keep an eye on the Freeway junctions as you may be forced to change your route!
Italy 1990
ITALY 1990. 24 teams and their supporters converge on Italy for the greatest sporting event in the world and millions more will witness the spectacle on their television screens.
Airborne Ranger
This game isn't a sportgame and that's why no more information about this game is here.

International 3D Tennis
Palace Software

Design, Coding & Graphics By:
Sensible Software

Music By: Richard Joseph
Release Year: 1990
Number Of Players: 1 or 2
International 3D TennisInternational 3D Tennis

Crazy Cars 2
Released as F40 Pursuit in USA.

Copyright/Publisher: Titus Software
Release Year: 1989
Number Of Players: 1

Crazy Cars 2Crazy Cars 2

Italy 1990

Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Tiertex
Release Year: 1990
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Italy 1990Italy 1990

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