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3D Waterski
Copyright/Publisher: Alligata Software, Programmed By: John P. Flynn, Graphics By: Richard Downing,
Music By: David H. Cox, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Water Sports, Number Of Players: 1
Danger lurks around every bend of the treacherous Pharonna River, and you're taking it head on! With a hunger for fatal thrills, your team of bionic skiers get every chance to wipe out in shame or glory.

But you have a higher purpose: you know the dardevil's greatest challenge lies in cheating death, and the greatest victory is...survival.

Race the clock and the scoreboard at perilous speed. The faster you get through the obstacle course, the more running points you accumulate. Defy death with a gutsy flair, hitting every ramp, and watch your scores rise! But be warned, very few cross the finish line and leave the Pharonna alive!

It's outrageous, complex, deadly and totally rad, and you'll still be learning the game after months of intense play.

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