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Adidas Championship Tie Break
Released as Tie Break by Starbyte Software
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software/Starbyte Software, Programmed By: Andreas Seebeck,
Graphics By: Michael Bohne & Frank Ziemlinski, Music By: Ronald Saake, Sound FX By:
Michael Scheer, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 to 16
Pin 'em to the baseline, attack the net and volley the winner!

You might have taken this match but that was on grass - can you play as well on clay or on the indoor courts?... with TIE-BREAK you'll soon find out! And the play selection doesn't end there - play singles or doubles, select to play in all the major tournaments such as Wimledon, Davis Cup, French Open and many more.

You can then make a racquet selection - and that could win you the match!

Featuring all the shots in the book, breathtaking animation and amazingly realistic speech and sound effects in T.V. style presentation make TIE-BREAK the out and out winner on any micro.

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