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Released in Europe as Rock'n Wrestle by Melbourne House.
Copyright/Publisher: Mindscape/Melbourne House/Beam Software, Game concept: Gregg Barnett,
Designed & Programmed by: Gregg Barnett, Bruce Bayley, Cameron Duffy & Damian Watharow,
Additional Programming: Nigel Spencer & Andrew Pavlumanolakos, Graphics By: Greg Holland,
Music By: Neil Brennan, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Use a joystick or the keyboard to control Gorgeous Greg, tenth-ranked contender for the World Championship Belt, as he battles a series of contenders.

Wrestle your way to the top of the heap using a variety of pro moves.

You've seen 'em on TV. You've seen 'em in person. You've seen 'em flying into the aisles. Now you get to climb into the ring with 'em.

For the first time in any arena, you get to join the mayhem of professional wrestling at its best.

BOP'N WRESTLE puts you in the ring with 10 of the meanest, baddest, biggest, toughest, ugliest pro wrestlers you've ever seen fly off a turnbuckle!

This fast-paced action game for one or two players takes place in a three-dimensionsal arena so realistic you'll swear you can hear the bodies hit the canvas.

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