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Released as Speed Buggy in USA
Copyright/Publisher: Elite Systems Ltd, Programming: Dave Thomas, Graphics By:
Bob Thomas, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
ZZAP64! Overall Rating: 97%
A cracking racing game that proves totally compulsive.

Cheat: POKE 39945,96: POKE 20048,32: 2049,104: POKE 2050,13: SYS 2048

Buggy Boy was released as Speed Buggy by Data East in US.

Buggy Boy is the ultimate drving challenge. Be prepared for the bumpiest ride of your life, over 5 of the roughest courses ever devised for 4 wheels. You must race across terrain littered with boulders, trees, brickwalls and fences whilst following the rough outline of the track through narrow valleys, across even narrower bridges and through dark tunnels.

Download Buggy Boy
Cracked,Trained & Highscoresaver by Lurid+Tricycle.
Freeze Timer? Donīt crash on obstacles? Always get the right flag? Also included in the downloadable image, is a preview of the game!

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