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Copyright/Publisher: Domark, Music By: Dave Lowe,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing, Number Of Players: 1
Zzap64! Overall Rating: 20%
Even the AA couldn't rescue this old wreck - that's all you need to know.
The Ultimate Drivin' Simulation. Experience the thrills and spills of racing in realistic, solid 3D.

It's MEAN. It's HARD. It's HERE! HARD DRIVIN', the ultimate driving simulator, races on to your home computer from its runnaway success in the arcades.

Now you can get behind the wheel of the world's top sports car on a stunt course. Jump bridges, drive the speed track or even get dizzy on the vertical loop - all in super realistic solid 3D.

Top drivers can challenge the Phantom Photon in a head-to-head, no holds barred contest to find the top Hard Driver!

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