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Omni-Play Horse Racing
Released as Sport Of Kings in USA.
Copyright/Publisher: SportTime/Designstar Consultants, Designed & Produced By: Ed Ringler,
Programmed By: Simon Ffinch, Mike Goodwin & John Wilson, Graphics By: Thomas Cardin Jr. &
Ed Ringler Sr., Release Year: 1989, Genre: Horse Sports Number Of Players: 1
Brings all the ontrack excitement and strategy of real life racing...Includes two modules...the Handicapper's Tournament and Track 1. Allow you to take your chances on long shots. Triples and Exactas, or play more conservatively by betting on the favorites to Win, Place or Show.

Whatever your strategy, you'lll find plenty of stats available to help you have a successful day at the races. up to four players; define tournament rules; 128 horses at each track; detailed past performances of the last ten race results for every horse at the track; complete jockey profiles; variable track conditions; purchase tips from some classy competitors and shady characters as well.

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