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Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Programmed By: Andrew Spencer, Graphics By:
Michael Kosaka, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Jump Ball!
It's play-off time in a back alley of Oak Street. Vic and Bojo face-off on asphalt. They leap...long arms stretch...the higher hand smacks the ball to Magic...then a furious fast break down the alley...Vic gets caught in the hustle and does hard time on concrete...defense slacks as Kevin slips on a slimy oil patch...Brad spots an opening to the basket and slams it through. Check out those high fives!
Blitz'em right off the street!
Create a team to terrorize the neighbourhood. There are hot shooters and slow dribblers, team players and show offs. Guys that can pass on the run and find that big man inside. Or help Joey pop'em from the corners. But don't let 'em dribble in oil slicks. Or trip in pot holes. To be Numero Uno in this neighbourhood it takes as many mental leaps as jumps.

There've never been this many obstacles to proving you're the best. Then again, Street Sports Basketball isn't like any basketball game you've ever played on a computer. But it's just like any basketball you've ever played for real.

* Play against a friend, or the computer.
* Choose your own teams, recruiting from 10 neighbourhood players.
* Four different courts: the schoolyard, the alley, the suburban backyard, and the inner-city parking lot.
* Slam dunk. Steal the ball. Make a jump shot, or a hook. And pass on the run to an open teammate for an easy score.

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