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The History of STADIUM 64/C64 Sports
April 1999 STADIUM 64 was born in the beginning of April 1999. The idea and concept is created all by myself. After only two weeks of hard work, the site were uploaded. I don't remember the first official day on internet. The site were growing very very fast in the beginning.
25th April 1999 263 Sport-Games Online.
24th May 1999 504 Sport-Games Online.
29th May 1999 The World Records-section is published.
13th June 1999 645 Sport-Games Online. Two new sections were also added: [Advertisments] and [Hints&Tips].
25th July 1999 745 Sport-Games Online.
12th August 1999 48 Manuals and 749 Games is online.
21th September 1999
771 Sport-Games Online. Two new sections were added [GREAT SPORTGAMES] and [COLLECTIONS].
22th November 1999 C64 Sports was renamed to STADIUM 64 - The Commodore 64 Sport Games Archive, two days sooner the official URL were changed to:
21th March 2000 Stadium 64 was removed to a new location hosted by Emulators Unlimited. New URL: and a big update: Over 500 Covers/Adverts, Around 300 Sids, And the gameaccount went over 800 games! Some new sections were also added! You can still see how the old design looked like: Old Stadium 64
9th April 2000 I decided to quit with the "Game Of The Month"-section. Instead of this I will add more games frequently (read: more than one in a month!) into the Game Infos-section.
19th May 2000 30 games is added to the Games Archive.
20th May 2000 94 Adverts & Covers were added to the Adverts & Covers-section. Some scans were replaced with better quality scans.
4th June 2000 62 Adverts & Covers were added to the Adverts & Covers-section. Some scans were also replaced with better quality scans.
11th June 2000 32 Manuals added: Allan Border's Cricket, Beach Volley, Bop'n Wrestle, International Karate+, Jonah Barrington's Squash, Matchday II, Speedball and many many more!
19th June 2000 A Games Update this time with 23 games. Some of them are new on Stadium 64, and some are replaced with better versions, which means: including title picture or 100% working or something else.
1st July 2000 8 more Manuals added and over 10 old manuals is replaced with better manuals. During the rest of July, over 30 manuals were added.
12th August 2000 10 games were added to the Game-Infos and the Reviews-section was completely redesigned and there were also many new reviews added.
Late August 2000 Stadium 64 was started to be reconstructed. During several months the site will be changed to a totally new layout. Hopefully the whole site will be finished before the end of 2000.
23th September 2000 Celebration time! 10 manuals added, which means over 200 manuals online!
24th December 2000 36 Games was added to the Games Archive!

One nice note about Track & Field, that I didn't know about until today. It was rereleased as a fullprice-game in 1987 and what was really nice; it was a little bit better than the original release. It has music in the intro and you can also choose to practice all 6 events if you want!

26th December 2000 BIG Update for the Game-Infos, 70 Games added!

The Game-Infos-section now contains 173 different games, and about 2200 screenshots are available to look at.

10th March 2001 Big update of the Adverts & Covers Archive..

The Games Archive was recently improved a little bit a know it's time for the Adverts & Covers, and it's looks in a similar way too. The Adverts & Covers-archive now contains over 1000 scans. Also added to every genre is a crosslink from any of the Adverts&Covers-genres to the same genre in the Games Archive, just click on the name of the genre and you will come to game genre!

19th March 2001 61 games are added to the Game Infos-archive, and this archive now contains 274 different games with over 3700 screenshots and a lot of other useless and useful stuff.
11th May 2001 Some site statistics that might interest you!

Well, STADIUM 64 has been on the net for over 2 years now, and it's constantly getting bigger and bigger. It now contains over 200 Mb with Commodore 64 Sport-games stuff! And nearly 13000 files! Most of them are; *.zip-, *.gif-, *jpg- & *.htm-files:

1014 zip-files (mostly zipped games),
6651 gif-files (mostly screenshot),
2627 jpg-files (mostly adverts & covers) & 2018 htm/html-files.

2nd July 2001 The Reviews Archive now contains: 203 Sportgames!
25th September 2001 23 more Game-Infos are added today. 351 Game-Infos are now available and over 5200 screenshots!
1st October 2001 The Reviews Archive now contains: 304 Sportgames!
5th November 2001 Over 1000 Sportgames online for your entertainment!

Yeah, Stadium64 are finally reaching the honourable amount of over 1000 sportgames. The November Month Games Update are including 26 games. The Games Archive now contains: 1021 Sportgames!

20th December 2001 The Reviews Archive now contains: 402 Sportgames!
6th January 2002 The Game-Infos Archive now contains: 453 Sportgames! And over 7000 screenshots!
June 2002 The Reviews Archive now contains: 506 Sportgames!
The Games Archive now contains: 1067 Sportgames!
The Manuals Archive now contains: 301 Sportgames!
23rd September 2002 The Game-Infos Archive now contains: 607 Sportgames!
2nd October 2002 The Games Archive now contains: 1119 Sportgames!
The Game-Infos Archive now contains: 625 Sportgames!
9th December 2002 The Game-Infos Archive now contains: 704 Sportgames!
19th December 2002 New section added; Playing Fields.
9th January 2003 This was added during 2002; 101(+10%) Games, 296(+69%) Game-Infos, 180(+44%) Reviews, 29(+10%) Manuals & an unknown numbers of added adverts, covers & sid-tunes, and lots of other stuff. And Stadium64 contains of over 350MB & 24000 different files!
August 2003 The Game-Infos Archive now contains: 805 Sportgames!
The Reviews Archive now contains: 605 Sportgames!
September 2003 The Games Archive now contains: 1222 Sportgames!
The Game-Infos Archive now contains over 900 Sportgames!
10th December 2003 The Games Archive now contains: 1354 Sportgames!
The Game-Infos Archive now contains: 1035 Sportgames!

Have you created this site all by your self?
I've got help from a lot of people, and I'm very greatfull for that! Most of the help is sending sport-games to us, but we have also got some manuals, reviews, adverts & covers ect.

Following people have helped STADIUM 64: Dohi, Michael Plate, Forrest Mook, Martin Brunner, Iain Black, Dero Vito, Jesper B. Nielsen (Jez), Eugene Fehr, Roberst Sterff, Tomi Maline, J2000C, Rough, Skull, Ghislain De Blois, Matt Larsen, Overdoc, Martin Baumann, Mike Semula, Johan Karlsson, Peter Olesen, Holger, Fabrizio Gennari, Dimitris Kiminas, Mike Core, Silvano, Mason, Matthew Allen, Vince Humm, Skull 2K, Paul, Martin Strandberg, Avedis Boyajian, Peter M, Acha, Robert John Vonk, Robert, Billybit, Scuzzi One, Rob, T.J. Hurm, Marky Boy, Dave Bulwer, Martin Pugh, Dave Nardone, Robbie Vitolo, Alex Grosholz, Robert John Vonk, Rob Nicoletti, Shocktrooper, Mike Partington, Frank Gasking, Pete Rittwage, and last but not least a couple of persons who wants to stay anonymous.

I know that I have forgotten someone, so if you want to be on this list, please send an email to STADIUM 64!

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