Copyright/Publisher: Quicksilva, Created By: John Hollis, Programmed By:
Steve Hickman, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Water Sports, Number Of Players: 1


Ski thru' Marine Maniacs, G&T's, Regattas but beware the Great White Hungry!!

AQUAPLANE is an unbelievable original arcade game. Water Ski your way to Success Thru' Rapacious Rocks and Languid Logs!!


1. Make sure that the tape is fully rewound to the start.

2. Hold down the SHIFT key and press the RUN/STOP key and the words LOAD and PRESS PLAY ON TAPE will appear.

3. Start the cassette machine and in a few seconds the display will show that the program is loading.

4. When it is fully loaded, the program will run by itself.

Loading problems are rare with the Commodore 64. If they do occur, it is usually because the recorder heads are dirty. Clean them regularly with tape head cleaning fluid. Keep the deck well away from the television as hum pick-up can also cause mis-read of data.

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