Crazy Cars III
Copyright/Publisher: Titus, Programmed By: Louis Estorges & Sylvain Labbe, Graphics By: Christophe Colombo &
Souheil Riahi, Music By: Guy Shavitt, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1


OK, the game is not hard to understand. You need cash in order to buy equipment, pay for repairs and things, enter races. You can only get cash by racing or gambling.

Check: The drivers ranks, it tells you how experienced opposing drivers are...the higher the vehicle class, the faster the car! Drivers are ranked by points and cash.

There are 4 divisions to go through, you must buy a pass and try the division challenge timed race! Each division has different car enhancements, see shop.

MAIN MENU --- Choose your destination!
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