Equestrian 64
Copyright/Publisher: Commodore Microcomputers Magazine, Programmed By: Scot S. Seto,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Horse Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


NOTE: You must have a joystick plugged into Port 2 to play this game.

Tally-ho! This arcader puts you on horseback for a challenging steeple chase. But "National Velvet" it ain't-- you won't be jumping wooden gates and stone walls or splashing through puddles. Instead, you must negotiate treacherous mushroom obstacles while fending off killer bee attacks with your trusty bow and arrow.

You try to jump your horse over as many mushrooms as you can by pressing your fire button when you want the horse to leap. If you misjudge the leap and your mount collides with the mushroom, you lose that horse. (You get five horses.) After you jump over 15 mushrooms, you reach another, more difficult, level.

At the higher levels, you must contend with the killer bees. To shoot an arrow, push "up" on the joystick.

You receive points for each mushroom you jump as well as for each bee that you kill. The amount of points that you receive is dependent the level that you are on.

One more thing....you can change the speed of the game by pressing keys 1 through 9 during the introduction music; the lower the number, the faster the game. The normal, or "default" speed is 5.

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