Everest Ascent
Copyright/Publisher: Richard Shepherd Software, Programmed By: Will Brighton,
Release Year: 1984, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1


Your objective is to climb to the top of mount everest.

You will meet a number of hazards on the way but there are objects which you can buy to help you.

Bear in mind that you need sherpas to carry these for you, otherwise you will run out of strength quickly.

You may set up a maximum of three base camps. Once a base camp is set up, you can collect or drop off items of equipment by pressing I for Inventory.

When you set up a base camp, remember that the sherpas left there will need feeding. If there is no food then they will make their own way back to tne village. All equipment will stay.

You will start with limited financial resources, but you will find that you get donations as your expedition advances. All donations are collected at the village, but if you hold the radio you will get advance warning.

Always type end to finish any input. E.G. selecting sherpas.

You have 1000 to finance your expedition. You must first choose porters to carry your equipment and supplies. The only limit is financial! Remember to leave money to spend on supplies and equipment.

This is a list of available sherpas and their daily rates:
Name - /Day - Strength
Tim - 9 - 80
Brian - 6 - 55
Joe - 5 - 40
Bob - 4 - 30
John - 1 - 20
Tom - 5 - 50
Paul - 7 - 80
Dick - 3 - 50
Ron - 6 - 60
Keith - 5 - 70

You must now select your equipment from the following list.

Item -
Rope - 100
Axe - 60
Oxygen - 500
Tent - 300
Gun - 100
Plank - 60
Shovel - 200
Radio - 300
Ladder - 100
Heat Pads - 300

MAIN MENU --- Choose your destination!
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