Copyright/Publisher: Bubble Bus, Created By: N. Strange, Release Year: 1983, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1

Play: Six games available are:
1 player - put any ball in any pocket.
1 player - pocket the balls in order.
1 player - put each ball in its own pocket.
2 players - put each ball in its pocket and score the pocket.
2 players - mini pool - one player goes for balls 1-3, the other for balls 4-6 - the first ball down gives you your numbers.
2 players - one player pots in order 1 to 6, the other player pots in order 6 to 1.

The cue is represented by a '+'. Move it to required position using joystick or keys, select SPIN if required then press fire button to shoot. Power gauge in bottom right corner indicates strength of shot.

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