Kung Fu Masters
Copyright/Publisher: Your Commodore/Argus Specialist Publications Ltd., Programmed By: William Fong,
Music By: William Fong, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Since the beginning of the civil wars in China many of the Masters have died in battle. This lead to the forming of the Evil Revolution. Groups of Evil fighters joined together to overcome anything which stands in their paths.

Even the Empire's troops are failing to return after their quest to rid these evil figthers from the country. Many have tried but few ever return to tell of the evil groups hiding places.

However, for the death of a fighter, you learn of the hiding place of the strong hold of the main evil group. The Empire has given you gold to destroy them. Your task now begins! Will you return? Can you destroy the leaders of this evil revolution. Only you can decide.

LEFT+UP = High Kick
UP = Jump Up
UP+RIGHT = Body Punch
RIGHT = Right
RIGHT+DOWN = Knee Kick
DOWN = Scoop
DOWN+LEFT = Body Kick
FIRE = Punch

MAIN MENU --- Choose your destination!
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