Ninja Scooter Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird Software, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1


Whizz through the night on your dream scooter, jumping and dodging the grates that could slow your progress, and also the holes and walls that'll slam you out.

Use the ramps to make leaps and pull some rad ninja stunts. You gotta beat the clock to beat the rest, so don't hang around, Ninja Scooter's the best.

Playing The Game

1 or 2 players may play Ninja Scooter Simulator.
Joystick only.

Up and Down controls move you across the pavement.
Left and Right slow you down and speed you up.

Press Fire to jump.

When you hit a ramp, press Fire in the air and right for a trick. The longer the stunt is held, the more points scored. Press Fire in the air for mid-air rotate. The more rotations, the more points you'll get. Land correctly or bust!


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