Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Martech, Release Year: 1986,
Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Most of you are probably too young to remember a brilliant TV show on the BBC a few years back. 'Superstars' had several sportspeople competing at various sports events (not their own) to win points (why oh why don't they bring it back?).

Orange-sucking Brian Jacks was the champion several times and hence lent his name to this Superstars-style computer game.

Unsurprisingly it's very energetic with a lot of waggling in events like Canoeing, 100m Sprint, Swimming (pressing fire to breathe), Arm Dips and Cycling.

Three more sedate events offer a brief rest: Boar Shoot (aiming a crosshair at a moving target), Squat Thrusts (combination of joystick movements) and Football (dribbling round cones and shooting for goal).

Like most heavy wagglers it's tough to continually nach the qualifying standards, and enjoyment is marred by an aching arm.



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