The Games: Summer Edition
Copyright/Publisher: Kixx/Epyx, Programmers: Ed Chu, Peter Engelbrite, Kevin Furry, Carl Mey,
Scott Nelson, Kevin Norman & Chuck Sommerville, Graphic Artists: Suzie Greene,
Sheryl Knowles, Art Koch, Muffy McCosh, Matthew Sarconi, Steve Snyder &
Paul Vernon, Music & Sound Effects: Chris Ebert, Chris Grigg & Bob Vieira,
Rerelease Year: 1991, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

It may not be a ski sim, but Epyx were definitely on the downward slope when this was released to coincide with the Seoul 1988 Olympics.

Those South Koreans are great animal lovers, so it's apt that the game stinks like a boiled kitten.

Most of the events are poorly implemented, with some overcomplex control systems required for Assymetric Bars and Rings.

Sadly, the 3-D view Cycling is the only event to offer head-to-head, two-player competition. Don't get it confused with the infinitely superior Summer Games II!



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