Rock'n Wrestle
Copyright/Publisher: Melbourne House/Beam Software, Music By: Neil Brennan,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

One of the earliest attempts of converting wrestling (six years ago!) and definitely one of the worst. Once again there are a large number of moves (24), but only four of these are available at any time, depending on the situation.

The general idea is to punch and kick your opponent's energy down, then pick your opponent's energy down, then pick him up and throw hiw with a spot of joystick waggling.

Trouble is, the nine computer opponents seem to have superstrength, even when down to zero energy they can still lift you up effortlessly and finish you off!

Of course, there's a two-player mode in there, but Rock 'N' Wrestle plays as bad as it looks. And boy, does it look bad! Talk about chiselled features, the wrestlers look they were carved out of concrete by a cubist sculptor.

Sound is just as primitive, even including a garbled attempt at digitised speech for the referee's count. Don't bother with this huge belly flop.


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