Toobin (Rerelease)
Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen, Music: Matt Furniss,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Water Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

This Tengen coin-op conversion features two cool dudes called Bif and Jet. These guys are so cool they don't need flashy sports cars to pose in but prefer alternative transport, cruising down the downwards scrolling river on old tyres - controlled by rotating left/right and paddling forwards/backwards.

The only problem is that this river is up to British water standards, ie full of hazards like tyre-bursting twigs, sewer slime (yuk!) and even torpedoes - not to mention hungry crocodiles! If this weren't enough the guys also have to avoid fishermen's lines, kamikaze penguins and anrgy cavemen on the river bank.

Sometimes pollution can come in handy, though: empty beer cans found floating in the water can be thrown at the nasties. The game is a single load and its eight levels, ranging from the Antarctic to hell's River Styx, are repeated in mixed order.

In Issue 58's original review the game received 75% with Robin appreciating Teque's conversion, 'capturing the humour of the coin-op, with humorous and fast graphics.' Phil also loved 'the way Bif and Jet paddle like mad while trying to evade crocodiles etc.'

The humour is definitely the game's best point and helps to make up for a lack of graphical detail and simplistic, eventually repetitive, gameplay. Good splashing fun while it lasts.



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