Wanted Games
If you have any of these games, please mail them to STADIUM 64. If you can't find a sportgame you've been looking for, send me an email-request and if STADIUM 64 doesn't have it, it will be put on the Wanted-list.

Games that doesn't work 100%:

Budokan: The game crashes when you start match 2.
Dave Winfield's Batter Up: file "STRATEGY.OVR" on 2nd disk is corrupt.
Fussball Trainer: When watching the highlights the audience aren't there and the goal and lines on the playing field are gone. When a team makes a goal the playing field turns yellow&green.
Golf's Best - Pinehurst #2 Course: some holes are corrupt.
IQ Baseball: file "MAJOR LEAGUE.REL" is corrupt.
No Limit: file "ED.*" is corrupt => game crashes after finishing course I.
Premier League: It's including music from Delta and a scroller. We are looking for a clean version.
Pro Golf: Hole #5 doesn't work.
Sports Spectacular: The Football and Hockey events doesn't work.

3 in 1 College & Pro Football/Lance Haffner Games

NFL, College & USFL

American Club Sports/Mindscape
This is the European Version of Club House Sports

American Ice Hockey/Mindscape
American Ice Hockey was first released as Superstar Ice Hockey, but it was later changed to American Ice Hockey. Stadium 64 are looking for a copy of American Ice Hockey with a title screen saying 'American Ice Hockey'.

American Ice Hockey Manual

America's Cup / Electronic Arts
We are looking for the Electronic Arts release of this game.
It was released in Europe by US Gold also as America's Cup. And was originally released in Australia as Arnie's America's Cup Challenge by Armchair Entertainment PTY LTD.

Arcade Football/Software Simulations

Baja Buggies/Gamestar 1984? (Racing)

Baja California is a 1000-mile-long Mexican peninsula that has been for some years the site of grueling desert races for off-road vehicles called Baja buggies. Usually these buggies are beefed-up, stripped-down old Volkswagens. Now there is a new computer game from Gamestar named Baja Buggies that lets you pretend you are driving in this race.

Since you are the novice driver, you start last-in a field of 80 other cars. Your goal is to finish first, and that means you have to pass all the competition. You steer with the joystick and can brake by pushing the fire button.

When the race begins your car automatically spurts ahead at full speed and you pass a few other cars. The buggy bounds through a 3-D landscape of realistic and dangerous scenery. The track is narrow and collisions with other cars can only be avoided by using extreme care.

Your position improves as the game progresses-50th,49th,48th. Maybe you can catch up with the first three cars. A small "radar" display at the bottom of the screen shows your relative position. The game ends when the first car crosses the finish line. I have managed to place tenth in the race, but Gamestar claims it is possible to make it to second or third.

Baja Buggies is an excellent product. Compared to driving games of the past, this is a programming masterpiece. It has some similarities to "Turbo" by Sega, but it is not just a copy. It was created by Scott and Keith Orr, formerly of Arcade Plus, whose Ghost Hunter was a popular PACMAN look-alike. The Orrs left Arcade last June, and started Gamestar in October. This is their first product.

Your Computer/Business Press International Ltd.
Programmed By: Jason Freer
Included in Your Computer issue #09/1985.

Boxing Manager 2/D&H Games 1988

Brian Clough's Fussball Manager/CDS Software LTD
German version of Brian Clough's Football Fortune's

California Games II - Epyx 1991
Screenshot from the C64-version?


Courtside College Basketball/Lance Haffner

Demolition Mission/Thunder Mountain
US release of Alleykat

European Super League/CDS Software (Football)
A game called European Super League - Football Fortunes II also released by CDS Software is available on Stadium64, but that game isn't this game or?

Football Boss/D&H Games © 1992

Full Count Baseball/Lance Haffner 1989

Fussball Trainer II 1986

Go For Gold / Kixx
Rerelease of: Games, The: Summer Edition.

Graeme Souness Vector Soccer /Zeppelin
We are a little bit sceptic about this one. Don't really think that this one is a completely new game. It seems like it could be either a german? release of Graeme Souness International Soccer or Graeme Souness Soccer Manager. The front cover uses the same cover art as for Graeme Souness International Soccer and on the back cover you could see the initials G.S.S.M. which is the same as for Graeme Souness Soccer Manager.

Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket/Audiogenic 1993

Grand National/Elite 1985 (Horse Racing)

Grand Prix Challenge/Challenge Software 1992

Hole-In-One Miniature Golf/Digitek Software

International Rugby/Artic
Another excellent sports simulation. You play as a home international team, battling for the Triple Crown or even the Grand Slam. The game includes all the features that you would expect from this superb simulation - including an international league table. SOON TO BE RELEASED FOR COMMODORE 64.

Jack Nicklaus Expansion/Course Disks/Accolade
Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf And Course Design.

The Main Game and 4 Course Disks is available at STADIUM 64.

Jimmy's Grand Prix © Beyond Belief 1992

Preview from Commodore Format August 1992

Liverpool / Grandslam Entertainment 1989
This is not the same game as
Liverpool - The Computer Game, which was released in 1993.

Magic Johnsons MVP - Virgin 1990
US? Release Omni Play Basketball
This is the only basketball you'll ever need! Magic MVP Johnson brings all the on-court excitement and backroom strategy of real-life basketball into your own home. With only seconds remaining on the clock, you fast break and go for a three pointer. Is it a rim shot or do you sink it and win the game the way Magic would? The ultimate championship depends on you!

Manager, The
There was a soccer team managing game for Commodore 64, called The Manager.It was written all in BASIC for C=64 and there was all the soccer player ofthe italian league (Serie A, B, C1, C2). There were Zico, Maradona, Platiniand much more! It was really a great manager game.

Mega Moto / Playsoft

Microleague Baseball
Following add-on disks are missing:
• 1982 NL and AL Teams-Microleague Baseball
• 1984 NL and AL Teams-Microleague Baseball
• 1988 NL and AL Teams-Microleague Baseball
• 1989 NL and AL Teams-Microleague Baseball
• 1990 NL and AL Teams-Microleague Baseball
• 1991 NL and AL Teams-Microleague Baseball

Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix/Martech 1988

Click here for Advert!

This game was reviewed in the Swedish Magazine 'Soft' Issue#3, May/June 1988. The game was definitely released for Spectrum & Amstrad, but what happened to the Commodore 64-version?

The magazine 'Soft' was a mag only for C64 & Amiga, and this game wasn't at all created for Amiga. So the 'black&white'-picture is definitely from the Commodore 64-version, and the other picture is pretty close to this, so it might also be from the C64-version.

The game is the first racing simulation to reflect some of the enormous advances in car design and technology that have taken place recently.

Omni-Play Basketball Expansion Disks:
We Want; Pro League Disk, Fantasy League Disk & Print Utility Disk.

The Side View Disk, End View Disk & Collegue League Disks is downloadable on STADIUM 64.

Omni-Play Horse Racing (Sport Of Kings)
Expansion Disks / Virgin Mastertronic 1990
Fantasy Betting Disk - Track Designer, Fantasy Stable Disk - Horse Creator, Historical Racing Disk, Jockey Competition Disk, Prediction Analysis Disk, Print Utility Disk.

The main game; Stable Owner's Disk and Handicapper's Disk is downloadable on STADIUM 64!

Player Manager/Anco

Player Manager was advertised to be released for C64!

Pool Game/Beyond Belief 1993


More Trivia at its best...over 2700 questions...questions covering Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Track & Field, Olympic Sports & More.

Pine View

Pole Position
Tronic Verlag GmbH/Homecomputer, 1986

Pro Boxing/Avalon Hill

Scottish: The Match/D&H Games 1991

Ski Run - Boom Software 1983
All the excitement and skill of the ski slopes with downhill, slalom and giant slalom- Put yourself to the test and record the fastest time! Nine levels of difficulty. High quality graphics and brilliant sound effects!!
'Cover' is taken from an Advert published in Commodore User November 1983. Boom Software [It will blow your mind] also advertising those games: LOGGER MANIA, SPACE RAIDER, ANNIHILATOR II. The company came from London.

Soccer Coach/D&H Games 1988

Strat-O-Matic Baseball

Street Cat (Epyx 1988)

Street Cat is the US release of Bad Cat.

Stunt Track Racer / MicroPlay

Stunt Track Racer is the US release of Stunt Car Racer.

Super Sunday Deluxe Edition
The Deluxe Edition contains 38 Super Bowl teams. The version on Stadium64 are only included 20 teams to choose.

Check out the Game-Info for this game; Super Bowl.

Superski Challenge/Players Premier
This is probably a budget release of Superski & Eddie Edwards Super Ski released by Microïds in Europe & Downhill Challenge released by Bröderbund in US

Tour De Force/Gremlin Graphics
This game was never released for Commodore64, but there might be a possible preview of it?

Text from the advert:
Capture the thrills and excitement of international Grand Prix Cycling with TOUR DE FORCE. Can you master the techniques required to win each leg of the competition, defeating the champion riders and proceeding through to the next country?

As the action heats up, the going gets tougher - your opponents don't like to see you in front, and by fair means or foul will try to hinder your progress.

From the crack of the starter's pistol to the presentation of the coveted Yellow Jersey - experience the agony and ecstasy of international cycling as it really happens.

CBM 64/128 & AMSTRAD
CASSETTE £9.99 DISK £14.99
SPECTRUM 48K £7.99

The game was atleast released for SPECTRUM.

Touchdown/D&H Games

Trouble Down Under

Video Olympics/Mastertronic

Virgin Atlantic Challenge Game © Virgin

Take up the Challenge
In the summer of 1986 the crew of VIRGIN ATLANTIC CHALLENGER once again attempt to win the coveted BLUE RIBAND title for Britain by crossing the ATLANTIC OCEAN in the record time of 3 days and 10 hours.

Virgin Games brings you the VIRGIN ATLANTIC CHALLENGE GAME. This arcade game is a fun simulation of RICHARD BRANSON'S part in this exciting and dangerous event. You must guide Richard at BREAK-NECK SPEED from one piece of equipment to another to keep the boat ON-COURSE and in good time and take vital MONEY-MAKING (or breaking) decisions that are telexed to him from all parts of the VIRGIN EMPIRE.

World Class Soccer © Kixx
This is the rerelease of Italy 1990

Read Review

World Games/Celery Computer Software 1986
This is the same game as HES Games/Go For The Gold/Gold Medal Games. Stadium64 are looking for a copy with a title screen saying World Games.

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